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From: Ed Rudnicki <>
Date: Mon, 7 Aug 95 9:07:08 EDT

>I just caught "A Bright and Shiny Future" for the first time; don't know how
>I missed it.

Ditto. Great episode - yet again.

>This one was impressive! Feral with the big bald spot. Callie having aged
>gracefully. Manx flirting with senility (er, moreso than usual). It kept
>me appropriately glued to the screen, despite the fact I'd intended to go into
>the lab early today.

Yes, Callie looked wonderful, and obviously never gave up hope.
Felina was the same way, still standing tall. I like characters like
this. Feral seemed a bit beaten down, but by no means defeated. I
think I rather liked him here. Manx I wouldn't descibe as senile,
but rather in some sort of reality denial - he can't accept what's
happened. Sort of like Mario Cuomo when he didn't get re-elected
Governor of NY :)

I noticed something else here, which I wish to ask about. In the
scene where the people are fleeing the robots, there's a _very_
pretty female Kat with a baby running along. She's very well drawn.
She also appears, again with the baby, in "The Ghost Pilot", in the
scene where Manx is selling hot dogs. I can't help but wonder if
this is an "inside joke", and this Kat is supposed to be someone
real. I saw the same thing in TLM, where a "background" couple is
rendered far more accurately than the other "background" characters,
and appears in three episodes. I know that the animators at WB do
this too, as a WBer who defected to Disney told me so.

Yes, I tape each episode, and still frame through them as needed. I
also note that associating with furry fans is having an effect on
me, though not to the point that it distracts me from a certain mermaid

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