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****Listfolks - I found this on alt.tv.animaniacs and crossed it to the
    Kats newsgroup and now the list. I've spoken to Rob Repas about H-B
    and Kats before (we've both been on a.t.a. for many moons), but none
    of what he says is based on anything I told him. Some of it echoes
    what I wrote here and rec.arts.animation, but the rest of it is
    news to me...****

In a previous article, bmarcum_at_iglou.iglou.com (Bill Marcum) says:

>[crossposted to alt.tv.swatkats]
>In article <1995Jul30.184958.17308_at_freenet.lorain.oberlin.edu>,
>>Personally, I think Turner would do well to get rid of Potamkin, and
>>find someone who knows how to make cartoons. William Hanna might be
>>a good choice.
>If you think Potamkin doesn't know how to make cartoons, you must have
>fallen asleep or changed channels, and missed Swat Kats after 2 Stupid Dogs.
>Anyway, from what I hear, you've gotten half your wish: Turner got rid of
>a lot of people at Hanna-Barbera, but not to replace them with "someone
>who knows how".

Nope, I stand by my original statement, Bill. Potamkin doesn't know hoe
to make anything but "vomit" toons. Now, before you get all uppity,
let me say I think Swat Kats is one of the best shows to come out of
Hanna Barbera under the Potamkin helm. I enjoy it tremendously. BUT,
word has it that Swat Kats was made IN SPITE of Potamkin's attempted
control of the show, and thats why the majority of people at HB got sacked.
They got fed up with Potamkin's total lack of ability in creating adequate
cartoon premises, so went against his missives...and Swat Kats became the
semi-quality show it is. I say semi-quality in that I wonder how much
better it would've been if Potamkin wasn't involved at all. (Typical
Potamkin script involvement...scratch out any character development in
the script and put in more monsters...)

Of course, when you go against the big boss, you've got your job on the
line...and they paid for it. Too bad. They probably sacked the only
creative people HB had on staff.

No, I can't say that. SOmeone over there is still left with some
creativity (how'd they miss them?) I finally saw a "World Premiere
Toon" on the Cartoon Channel that I feel (IMHO) captures that essence.
That's Yoink of the Yukon...funny, intelligent, deals with topical
issues in a humorous vein. Very much like Animaniacs. My hats off
to Yoink's creator and writer(s). (I have to write like this, since
the credits scroll past so fast only an Evelyn Wood graduate with
honors could read them. And I haven't been able to get it recorded
for freeze frame ability.)

Second possible tie to a.t.a...is that Rob doing Yoink's voice? Heh?
 "The cool thing is to find some way to take advantage of the
  existing universe and do neat things in it." -- Cliff Stoll
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