Re: The Videos

From: Ian Lynn <>
Date: Thu, 3 Aug 95 07:45:18 CDT

Well, it looks as though anyone in Southern Illinois "should" be
able to get the 3 videos after Sun. Aug. 6. Due to poor renting,
the only video store that I've found that has them will be putting
their 4 copies of each up for sale. I went in to see if I could get
the manager to special order them for me, and she said no, but wait
till Sun. Not sure if she said that so they could get the money or
what. What is the suggested retail on the tapes?? Their selling the
pre-viewed tapes for $5.99.

The only thing that makes me feel bad here is that Ted will neve know
he had an extra sale. Actually, if I ever find the tapes on the shelf,
I may pick them up for the inserts, if there are any.

Ian --anyone in the area, that is interested in the tapes, e-mail me
        and I'll give you directions to the video store.
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