Re: Bad news, and good ne...heck, who'm I kidding, it's all bad.....

Date: Wed, 26 Jul 1995 18:48:27 -0400 (EDT)

>Guess what? No more 'Kats posters are to be printed, the chick on
>the other end of the phone knew of no others aside from the one
>pose, and they have no more in stock to ship anyone. If you want

oh crap. <g> I guess I'll have to hit *all* the stores in the area
& buy all of 'em I can find!

>Fall '96?" Extra-special. I guess we'll have to do the same kind
>of deal we did for the posters, if anyone's willing and/or able.

If I could find any of them in quantities (heck, if I could find any
_at all_) I could probably send some of 'em out. So far, I've
checked 1 K-mart, and 1 Toys 'R Us store and have found CP <uh!>,
Biker Mice, TMNT, and TONS of Star Trek only to be outnumbered in
quantity by MMPR. Didn't even see the SNES game at T'RU.

What's this world coming to?!
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