Bad news, and good ne...heck, who'm I kidding, it's all bad.....

From: Chance <>
Date: Tue, 25 Jul 1995 18:44:12 -0700 (PDT)

     Well, I did my long-distance marathon today. First call went to
"American Arts and Graphics", and their parent company in Indiannapolis.
Guess what? No more 'Kats posters are to be printed, the chick on the
other end of the phone knew of no others aside from the one pose, and
they have no more in stock to ship anyone. If you want one of these
things, better deal with the urge now - you won't be able to sate it later.

     Second, "Playtoy" is the Canadian Distributor for the Remco
"SwatKats" action figures. I called the VP Sales over there, and all she
could say was "Swat cats? We picked up a lot of Remco's line - but no
Swat cats for Fall 95. Call back in November, maybe we'll have 'em for
Fall '96?" Extra-special. I guess we'll have to do the same kind of
deal we did for the posters, if anyone's willing and/or able.

 "Of course it has boogers in it. It's got kid-type humour" - John K. in TVG
 "Naaaah...just make them cat aliens." - Executive 'creative input' at H-B
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