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> >This might be a stupid question, but why can't the Trembleys or whoever they
> >are just go somewhere else? It's obvious they are not appreciated there.
> Because, unfortunately, Turner owns the Swat Kats (or at least partially
> owns them). The situation is such that Ted says Kats are canceled because
> they're not making any money. But Ted probably wouldn't let the Tremblay's
> do anything with the Kats because it could make money--for someone else.
> It's not impossible, just highly unlikely. I get the sense that the
> Tremblay's are "moving on" to other projects, anyway.

    Turner owns the rights to "SwatKats" concerning everything except a
possible movie, but even then, permission must evidently be gained to use
the characters in the situations we know from the TV (apparently, H-B
contributed a number of changes to the Tremblay's original stuff - so the
changes would remain the copyright of Ted).

     "Moving on to other projects" is a sense I get too, but it's
"survival" rather than "giving up". Turner's been asked to sell
"SwatKats", a movie proposal with mostly outside financing was put to
him, and aside from vetoing all of this, he's also apparently refused to
package the program for airing on the networks. As someone from the list
puts it, "if they don't get _something_ new on the air, it's back to
Montreal". This is the difference between the "professional" perspective
and the "fan" one - shared by the "good guys" still working at H-B, and a
bunch that left. Turner was incredibly stupid for cancelling the show,
but none of the folks who need food on the table can afford to wait for
the guy to grow some grey cells and renew it.
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