White Castle SK Toys??

From: Ed Rudnicki <erudnick_at_pica.army.mil>
Date: Wed, 26 Jul 95 9:22:47 EDT

Can anyone tell me if these are the "SK" toys or something else? I
found this and just got curious.

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>>I have available most Disney toys issued by Burger King and
>>McDonald's, including many European McD releases. For a very
>>large fast food premium sales list check my web page
>>http:www.getnet.com/~richarde/ Or email me for list or send
>>LSASE (.78).
>How many of the White Castle SWAT Kats toy sets do you have? Also,
>what items do they include? I can't find these in any guide book.

Ed thanks for writing. On the White Castle stuff I only have 1 set of
each of the items listed. (We don't have White Castle here so I trade with
another collector). The SWAT KATS should read SWAT KIDS. It is a set of
3 targets with tenis like balls that stick to a target. (I have them in
a hard to access box so I'm describing them on memory). They were released
in 1994 after the Tomart reference book was published. Any more question,
please write.
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 Check Web page for current list.

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