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Date: Thu, 6 Jul 95 11:51:17 -0500

Andy wrote:
>On Thu, 6 Jul 1995, Ian Lynn wrote:

>> In regards to the person who said they couldn't see the action figures
>> in the marathon.
>> They didn't give you a clear shot, like they did in the commercials for
>> the marathon.
>> Look on the end table and on the floor around the table next to the
>> chair Randy is
>> sitting in, on the table there is a Jake and Chance, and on the floor
>> there is four
>> packages, presumably the four first run characters (Dr. V., DK, T-bone,
>> Razor).

> I'd really like to see a frame-grab of this scene if someone who
>taped it has access to such hardware.

Okay, I'll try. But if they were on that table then they were so small
that I hardly noticed them and I doubt they would show up well on a frame

>...I _really_ wanted to get ac-figs of Jake and Chance, now I have
>to resort to skullduggery instead of anything more above board. Darn.

Forget that. I want a Callie Briggs action figure... :)

> Did Macho actively plug the 'Kats stuff, or just sit there doing his
>WWF loud-macho-posturing schtick? ("I TELL YA GENE...THIS GUY'S GOIN' DOWN!)

No, to plugging of 'Kats stuff, and yes, to loud-macho-posturing schtick.
How a person can grunt out those lines like he does without getting a
hernia is beyond me...

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