Real-Life and death

From: Ian Lynn <>
Date: Thu, 6 Jul 95 08:26:37 CDT

I think a couple of the best examples to show the Enforcer death totals, were
The Deadly Pyramid, and When Strikes Mutilor.

The giant mummies destroyed basically everything in their path, including
jets and that bus (although you do see people running away from the bus, impressive
after a roll down a hill), and the drone ships from Mutilor's pirated vessel made
short work of most the Enforcer planes. The one thing that does occasionally
annoy me is even after he goes through a side of a building or hits the ground nose
first, is that Feral (either Commander or Lt., in the second season) just calls
for chopper back-up. Now I understand that you can't kill off a major character so
early in a show, but when most copters explode on impact, and his just gets totaled,
I'd think even a 10 yr old would start to wonder if the commander gets a little more
metal put in his chopper. Maybe he's got a newer model with airbags??

In regards to the person who said they couldn't see the action figures in the marathon.
They didn't give you a clear shot, like they did in the commercials for the marathon.
Look on the end table and on the floor around the table next to the chair Randy is
sitting in, on the table there is a Jake and Chance, and on the floor there is four
packages, presumably the four first run characters (Dr. V., DK, T-bone, Razor).

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