Re: Real-Life and death

From: Ian Lynn <>
Date: Thu, 6 Jul 95 10:24:00 CDT

>...Ian, do you use a 132 column monitor? The lines all wrapped, and it was
> like watching Wimbledon.

Sorry, I'll try to shorten it up!!

>The "bring me chopper backup" think is actually _intended_ to be a running
>gag, as is Feral's almost perfect track record in crashing his craft
>in _exactly_ the same way (i.e, exterior cockpit shot from front, interior
>shot with visor half-missing when he speaks the immortal phrase). I think
>the sequence shows up almost unaltered in many episodes, whether Leopold
>wrote them or not.

I did realize this was meant to be a running gag, but I would like
to see Feral layed up good once.

In regards to the Macho Man:
"OOH YEAH, I'm coming over from the WCW (remember this is Turner) and
taking over the CARTOOOOON NNNNETWORK, YEAH". Sorry, no toy hype what
so ever. In fact unless I'm mistaken it appeared that after the first 2
or 3 episodes they started replaying the same cuts of the MAcho Man.
Just remember Randy is the Swatkats BIGGEST fan...right?!?!?

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