Re: Things that inhale and exhale in MegaKat City...\

From: Andy Hill <>
Date: Sat, 17 Jun 1995 14:47:16 -0700 (PDT)

On Sat, 17 Jun 1995, August Yang wrote:

> Before we get into that I've found out that TNT (Turner Network Television)
> has it's own e-mail address (, but fingering and/or telneting
> to this site has availed nothing. (I was hoping to get e-mail to Ted
> Turner, himself). However, this might be another avenue to pursue the
> Liberation of the SWAT Kats. (SLF?)

     There are a couple of e-adds, and I'm going to make a fairly big
compostion up and cc both of them. Both these adds are _for_ feedback,
and they certainly deserve some of all descriptions for their handling of
the 'KATS thing. Anyone notice that the TCN thing, the videos, the SNES
game and perhaps even the toys are coming up in the next couple of weeks,
and there's been _no press_ at all anywhere - not even on the Turner
owned networks that I've heard about - and certainly not the trade/fan rags.

> In any case, this other species thing has brough to mind two other episodes.
> One, in _SWAT Kats Unplugged_, the guy they were initially chasing was a
> hyena, not a Kat. This open up whether or not there are other canine

     Yeah, hearing this reminds me of "Caverns of Horror" as well, where
we have "Tiger Conklin", the pit boss - who's _actually_ a tiger. I
can't recall, but does Mayor Manx have a tail? After all, "Manx" is a
tailless species, no? Some of the names are pretty cool - I guess this
is fairly obvious, but they all are some species of cat or related - like
"Abbyssinian" (Dr. Abby Sinian), "Calico" (Callie Briggs), "Angora" (Anne
Gora) and others like Chance "Fur"-long and Jake "Claw"-son, including my
personal favourite, Dr. Leiter Greenbox (as in Kittylitter Green-box).

Andy (who I guess is a bit _too_ bored today...)

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