Re: 'KATS aren't the only things breathing in Mkat City...

From: Ian Lynn <>
Date: Fri, 16 Jun 95 08:58:58 CDT

Andy had to say-

>I'd guess their animal kingdom is much like ours, but so far they've
>stayed away from having any "pets" in the show, likely because no one can
>figure out exactly _what_ a 'KAT _would_ have for a pet (perhaps a lawyer?).

A mouse naturally, fish would be another, I can't recall ever seeing them
eat one so...
I would assume they raise the cows for food, so maybe they stay away
from rodent-based dinners (too high in fat).

> The ep was "The Ghost Pilot" (y'know, "The Red Lynx")
Mental lapse...."must have..slipped my mind"-Kevin McDonald, KITH

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