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From: Andy Hill <>
Date: Tue, 13 Jun 1995 07:37:42 -0700 (PDT)

On Mon, 12 Jun 1995 wrote:

> You're darn tootin' they're not as good as the real thing! It's not
> that the electronic art is bad, but it sure is nice to have
> something hangin' on the wall!

     The only drag with grabs is that they lose a lot of definition for
some reason. If you're any good at art/paint, you can "clean up" the
pencilling and do your own ink and paint - and make your own poster. I
practiced with TMNT and graduated to 'KATS - now I'm not half bad; the
color key is the tough part.

> The posters are published & distributed by:
> American Arts & Graphics, Inc.
> 10915 47th Ave. W.
> Mukilteo, WA 98275

     These guys are like 100 miles away from me, and it's on my "to do"
list to give them a call and see if I can get some kind of volume deal.
The only drag using this route is that sales figs for retail outlets won'
t show the purchases, and I want certain folks to _read_ those figures
and choke on them.


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