From: <>
Date: Mon, 12 Jun 1995 23:31:26 -0400

Hello folks! I wrote an e-mail opost earlier regarding the SWAT KATS ppat
files for use as wallpaper for your desktop. Well,guess what >I< got in reply
from the AOL Overlords...............

Date: Mon, Jun 12, 1995 9:43 PM EDT
From: AFC Paul
Subj: Swat Kats ppats
To: Frplayguy
cc: AFA Andrew, AFC Borg, AFC Susan

Hi Frplayguy,

We have reviewed your uploads and regret that we are unable to accept it for
inclusion in our library.

The Macintosh Utilities forum has recently revised their policy regarding
acceptable uploads and your files do not conform to the new guidelines. If
you have questions about the new guidelines, please read the text file
"Acceptable Uploads," which can be accessed from Keyword: MUT, then by
clicking the "Utilities Reference Guide" icon.

A good rule of thumb to remember when you are planning to upload any scanned
or captured (from broadcast or videotape) image is that if you did not create
the image yourself or take the photograph from which the image is derived
yourself, do not upload the image.

We must decline these uploads because they contain copyright protected
images. Before we could release them we'd need permission from the copyright
owners. Since this permission is not likely to be available, we have gone
ahead and deleted the uploaded files.

Thanks for thinking of MUT. Even though we cannot accept your uploads, your
account will be credited for the time you spent uploading.

Paul Smallwood (AFC Paul)
Forum Consultant - Mac Utilities Forum

FORTUNATELY,thanks to,I've sent the files over to him (I
can send files to other AOL-ers,but not to those outside of AOL--sorry) so he
can then put them up on the Pumadyne FTP site (I'll bet the AOL killjoys
did'nt think of THAT,now did they? HA!).

If this works out,I'll be making other pix to use as desktop images (such as
the Doc Konway drawing,if the good Dr. gives his blessing),as well as some SK
artwork drawn by C & Y Trembly themselves. Enjoy!

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