RE: Latest Kats roster and other stuff

From: Fernando Ramos <>
Date: Mon, 12 Jun 1995 22:59:44 -0400

ME> >Wow. Membership appears to be up to around 32 or 33 people on th
ME> >(and one digest member) -- and possibly growing! As Andy said, I
ME> >surprised (although pleasantly) at the success of the list... th
ME> >be nice to hear from the lurkers once in a while (just so we know
ME> >you have a pulse out there ;-).
ME> Hello, my name is Ryan, and I'm a lurker. Well almost. I did
ME> post here once before. Ok, bye. (Sorry, that's it. I don't
ME> have anything more intelligent to say right now.) ;-)
<Standing up from an audience of Swat Kats mailing list people>
Hi. My name is Dan... and... I watch SWAT KATS. It''s an
adiction... but..but I LIKE IT!!
I gotta pass the blame for this onto Dana Uehara :) He was on
FurryMUCK as Razor/Jake and I thought it was a cool character and
wondered where he got it from and he told me about SWAT KATS. I
caught a few ep's on TBS and thought it was REALLY kewl!!!
<Sitting back down>
Next! :)

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