Re: Swat Kats change your life...

From: Matthew Milam <>
Date: Fri, 2 Jun 1995 15:31:00 GMT

>Ask your dad if he detests the News and commentary reports. Also, ask him if
>he detests other forms information media like the newspapers, radio, all kinds
>of talk shows. To me these are excellent entertaining shows that I love to
>watch. It also shows me (no offense here) that your dad has too much free time
>on his hands and worries about the remainder of the media. The the ones that
>are saying that most shows are to violent then shouldn't they curb the news as
>well? The news are showing relife vilence and couldn't that inspire more
>violent behavior amongst their children instead of these make believe shows?
>swatkats change your life
My Dad just doesn't like shows that are always showing the same plot where
people are always killing people every week. Then again he works as a
rental dealer so life's though on him.
This is a test of the emergency broadcat systen...this provided so that we
can retool a show already in progress.

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