Re: Can it change my life?

From: Andy Hill <>
Date: Thu, 1 Jun 1995 07:24:13 -0700 (PDT)

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> In a word, no.
> I enjoy it. I wake up early to watch it. One might argue that I am more
> tired on Monday mornings because of it, or that my professional image is
> affected by the "MEGAKAT CITY BIOCHEMICAL LABS" sign on my door or by my
> insistance that the product I recently produced for antiviral testing be
> referred to as "Katalyst 99".
> Fundamentally, though, my life is not significantly altered by my watching
> of Swat Kats, and my coworkers are quite certain that the abovementioned
> shenanikens are all in fun (I hope).

     Yeah, but I think if you do something you wouldn't ordinarily were
you not watching the 'KATS, it sort of constitutes a "change", however
minor, no? I've got a pile of animation-related stuff up at work,
including not too few pieces of 'KATS art. It usually just sparks up an
interesting conversation with co-workers and other visitors to the
establishment, but there are exceptions unfortunately...

> Now, forgive me if I begin to sound like an old fuddy-duddy (albeit a fat
> one), but we are talking about a form of entertainment, not a religion.
> I mean this comment not to be snide or derisive; but remember, if we want
> to be taken seriously as a fan-culture, we might want to avoid sweeping
> statements such as "the show changed my life!" that might lead people to
> wonder about our collective mental condition.

     What Doc Konway here says isn't to be taken lightly. I get the
inside view regarding how "fans" are viewed in general from Warner's and
elsewhere and "extra-clingy" or worse does not go over well - there's
even been some problems with mail to the voice artists resulting in
heavier security at public appearances on occasion. I've seen
"overboard" with Trek fans on occasion, though I guess everyone's
definition of "going a bit far" varies - but it wasn't pretty.
Personally, I get sideways stares on occasion from people, but it's
usually out of ignorance than anything else - their imaginations died
after high school, mine didn't - I'm not going to apologize for that.
Look at some of the folks that are likely to deride you for having the
poster on the wall, or hitting Toy's R Us for one of the 'KAT ac-figures
- do you really want to be like _them_? This is going to sound arrogant,
but that isn't the intent - I talk with a _lot_ of cartoon people on both
ends of the TV screen, and you know something? Most of us are "smarter
than the average bear", and it scares people occasionally - they don't
have a point of reference against which to "judge" us. That's fine,
Kangaroo Courts run by the generally clueless are of no concern anyway.
If it's fun, watch it - if you like aspects of the characters you want to
emulate, do it - just make sure that the lines between 30 fps and "real
life" don't blur. My favourite answer to those who are likely to shout:

        "Get a Life!"


        "Okay, but will it be as fun?"

We now return you to your regularly scheduled virtual newsgroup...
(ps - working on "" as we, "type")

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