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Date: Wed, 17 May 1995 01:49:27 -0400 (EDT)

AFFIRMATIVE PAL!!!!! I can't believe the feed back that I'm getting and this
only started out as a petition list to get more feed-back. Once I reached a
certain amount of names, I was going to write a nice letter and included all
the names of the people who were as ticked off as Dana and myself. Then the
second part that Dana and I hoped to do was making "The Unofficial Swat Kats
Fan Club" become "The Official Swat Kats Fan Club." The way things are going
we are extremely close in doing it. Also, I would like to thank all the
people to make this all possible. If it weren't for you and your good taste
in excellent cartoons then this won't be possible.

Now certain drawbacks to "The Unofficial Swat Kats Fan Club." Righ now the
membership is free. Thats right, FREE!!!!! If we become "The Official SWAT
Kats Fan Club" there might be a f to join the official part of the club.
If Dana and I are the ones to be in charged of "The Official SWAT Kats Fan
Club" these dues will go towards the club activities that we come up with
providing HB oks it. I am not going to mention what the activities will be
as of yet, seeing that we are not in charge of "The Official SWAT Kats Fan
Club." "The Unofficial SWAT Kats Fan Club" will still be going and will
still be freeuntil "The Official SWAT Kats Fan Club" begins. Once the
official fan club begins then the unofficial one will come to an end. If
Dana and I are put in charge of the official fan club just expect a lot of
excellent and wild stuff to happen providing HB sez ok to these ideas. Until
then, if you want to join "The Unofficial SWAT Kats Fan Club," then leave me
you snail mail address and send your email address to Dana. Thats all there
is to join "The Unofficial SWAT Kats Fan Club." If you have any further
questions about the unofficial club then you can leave me email at So common on and join. The bigger we grow the stronger
we will become, and then the louder our voices will be heard.



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