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From: Mitch Botwin <mbotwin_at_fir.fbc.com>
Date: Wed, 17 May 1995 07:55:16 -0400

Morning All,
        On my weekly dose of the Kats I was treated to a compilation that I had
never seen before. It was a KatsEye news report, with Ann Gora talking about
the Kats, their equipment and the various situations they've been in.

        There were interviews with various leading characters, detailed looks
at the SwatKats technology, and other fun things. There was a competition
between Razor and T-Bone to name the villian and the S.K.I.Q. (SwatKats Insider
Quiz), which in actuality was somewhat silly.

        There were lots of voice overs with new voices as well as the woman who
does Ann Gora. This covered episodes from both seasons. It looked like a
somewhat rushed job as the editing was done without too much concern for
matching the characters lip movements.

        Now to see what new suprises next week holds.


Mitch Botwin
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