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From: Dana Uehara <duehara_at_cisk.atmos.Ucla.EDU>
Date: Tue, 16 May 95 12:10:47 PDT

... no, it doesn't have the same ring as Ann Gora from Kat's-Eye News.
But in any event, I figured I should post something here, seeing as how
I've been semi-lurking (not good if I helped originate the list!).

For the rest of you lurkers: I don't mind people lurking on the list,
but it'd be nice to hear from you every once in a while, just to make
sure you still have a pulse. ;-)

Walt and I are trying to start up the Kats fan club, with Walt doing
most of the legwork since I have my hands (paws?) full keeping an eye
on the list (I'm surprised at how successful it's been, actually). I'm
also working on the Kats' Web page (tho the server seems to be down at
the moment) and adding links to other places as well. If you manage
to see the Kats' home page (
and want to add anything to it, please let me know!

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"We are having a *bad* vehicle day, buddy!" -- Razor

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