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Date: Tue, 9 May 1995 07:37:16 -0700 (PDT)

On Tue, 9 May 1995 wrote:

> Tsk tsk tsk! It seems you ruffled poor Ted's feathers.
> But then, a man who thinks a Captain Planet movie would be cool deserves to
> have his feathers ruffled.

     Yeah, this won't make any sense to the rest of the list, so here's
the edited version. I've unintentionally caused a lot of trouble for
people at Hanna-Barbera because of stuff I've put on the Internet.
Certain folks have done a lot of flying to and from Atlanta, GA and New
York because of it. I posted the upcoming product information strictly
for the fans, because I was afraid Turner Marketing would let us all down
again, and give the stuff no advanced press. I wanted people to know the
stuff was out there, and wanted them to go buy some of it to help get the
'KATS flying again. Instead of having the desired effect, it just caused
a whole world of hurt for people in Hanna-Barbera as Turner Group began a
witch-hunt attempting to stop the "leak". Before I get the undeserved
"bad guy" label, I faxed an explanation letter to those concerned over
there to be passed to Turner detailing that I'd never quoted anyone
without permission, the "anonymous" stuff didn't make it to the public
group unless I could somehow verify most of it, and in any case no one at
H-B was to blame. Until I get a clear definition of what their concerns
are, I'll stop posting "upcoming" information to public groups. The
"cancellation" stuff is my opinion based on observations and information,
and I'll post that where the hell I feel like. One postive thing I
heard yesterday (for the spies: "it was revealed to me in a vision") is
that Fred Seibert controls the "off-switch" to 'KATS, and we should write
him directly, making NO mention of SWATKATS on the envelope, and not
using the "-1376" extension of the Zip as appears on the TV. I can't go
into it further right now.

     Hanna-Barbera Cartoons
     3400 Cahuenga Blvd.
     Hollywood, CA

     Attn:Fred Seibert

     After yesterday, you can bet that I'm going to send a letter tonight.

> An interesting thing that I noticed of late, regarding dear Ted: I used to be
> and there, just for "size-effect". I can't help noticing that Ted has care-
> fully edited every one of those scenes out. I guess that stepping on trees is
> contrary to our environmental message.

     Yes, I'd heard this from someone else as well. Odd, considering
that when accidental editing occurred in the LD release of some classic
Toons from his MGM entity, he stopped shipment and corrected the cuts.
Ted strikes me as a very unfocused individual, with no clear "mission
statement". Some of the quotes I read from him sound like a cross
between Hulk Hogan, Dan Quayle, and Homer Simpson.

> Those in contact with M. Tremblay, kindly inform him, from his oldest and
> fattest fan, that should he and his brother find themselves at any time in the
> northeastern United States, they must immediately make a break for the Canadian
> border before it's, no. Tell them I would be pleased to buy them a
> pizza.
> The picture of Dr. Konway hangs on the door of my lab, which has been
> informally designated "MegaKat City Chemical Synthesis Lab".

> My employer wonders about me.

     ...and when my long-distance bill gets here, my employer will begin
to wonder about me. Consider the above forwarded. I just sent a letter
to Christian which ran to 50 pages with some of the list-commentary from
people. He evidently got it yesterday, because he called H-B fully
ten-seconds before me, also asking about fan-mail. Must've been a
three-pot coffee day for H-B yesterday.

(aside commentary: if someone would have just e-mailed me rather than causing
 trouble for innocent parties at H-B, there wouldn't have been any problem.
 This secretive/backstabbing stuff is dishonourable in the extreme - how
 about some open old-fashioned communication? I wouldn't knowingly hurt
 the merchandising efforts for 'KATS, all it took was for someone to point
 out a possible problem, or let me know that a press release would be
 coming. Based on TPS' track record with the 'KATS, it appeared the stuff
 would hit the shelves without support - and I sure as hell wasn't going to
 let that happen, TPS!)

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