Re: Window stickers?

From: Ed Rudnicki <>
Date: Tue, 9 May 95 18:14:02 EDT

>> I had heard from a friend that there were a series of SWAT KATS toys
>> included in Kids' Meals from White Castle, though I've never been
>> able to verify that.
> Yep. Looked into this, and there were such creations. We don't have
>"White Castle" in Canada, but a friend saw the SwatKATS stuff in Ohio,
>called the head office, and evidently got the last three around. Anyone
>have spares?

Well, I just got my latest issue of TOY SHOP (one of the
publications I read in my never-ending quest for TLM stuff), and
since there's a "food related toys" section, I'll make a few
inquiries for y'all. Heck, I'd probably want these myself, though I
suspect there won't be a Callie or Ann Gora toy among them :)

Ed Rudnicki
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