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Tsk tsk tsk! It seems you ruffled poor Ted's feathers.

But then, a man who thinks a Captain Planet movie would be cool deserves to
have his feathers ruffled.

An interesting thing that I noticed of late, regarding dear Ted: I used to be
a watcher of the old Godzilla cartoons that HB made in the 70's. All right, I
*STILL* watch them when they come on TBS. What's it to you??? >:( Anyway,
I distinctly recall a few quick scenes where the Big-G's foot stomps down on
a copse of trees and flattens them all. That scene tends to be repeated here
and there, just for "size-effect". I can't help noticing that Ted has care-
fully edited every one of those scenes out. I guess that stepping on trees is
contrary to our environmental message.

That is my obligatory Turner-bashing. I've never liked the man, ever since
he colorized a movie with Frank Sinatra and gave him brown eyes. >:6

Moving right along...

I am still searching for a copy of the fan letter that I sent; many people have
expressed interest in seeing it. It is "somewhere", by which I mean, it is
located within the walls of my abode. It just has to be excavated.

Those in contact with M. Tremblay, kindly inform him, from his oldest and
fattest fan, that should he and his brother find themselves at any time in the
northeastern United States, they must immediately make a break for the Canadian
border before it's too....er, no. Tell them I would be pleased to buy them a

The picture of Dr. Konway hangs on the door of my lab, which has been
informally designated "MegaKat City Chemical Synthesis Lab".

My employer wonders about me.

Samuel Conway, Ph.D.
Senior Fat Old Scientist
Avid Therapeutics
Philadelphia, PA

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