second season kats....

From: Ian Lynn <>
Date: Tue, 9 May 95 07:41:54 CDT

I'm posting this with the assumption that this particular episode is a
second season...but if not, I still don't favor the 15 min. format.

I'm just now starting to catch the second season, and I have a problem.
Why did they decide to drop to two 15 min. episodes, instead of one 30??
I much prefered a little build-up, to the alternative of kats show up, kats
destroy end of picture. Instance--"Volcanus Erupts"- The guys show up, see
a crack in his body plates, sink a bomb in it, and boooom!!!! end of episode.
IMO-BORING!!!I just can't see 15 (probably actually 12) min. being enough
time to develope any kinda story line.

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