Re: Well, Citizen Ted's making one Toon movie, but...

From: <>
Date: Mon, 8 May 95 15:56:09 -0500

Ed Rudnicki wrote:
>Turner Feature Animation looked to be off to a good start with "Cats
>Can't Dance", and now they're trying this?? Watch that the
>inevitable failure of this Captain Planet film then ends up killing
>Turner Feature Animation. It's something I'd expect.

Nah. They'll just shuck it off to home video where it will likely
turn a modest profit. I doubt it will kill TFA, unless Ted simply
loses interest in it. Remember, Ted _created_ Captain Planet so he
has a vested interest in it, as opposed to SWAT KATS which he has
to split between himself, Hanna-Barbera and the Tremblays.


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