Re: Well, Citizen Ted's making one Toon movie, but...

From: Ed Rudnicki <>
Date: Mon, 8 May 95 14:52:52 EDT

Andy writes:

> "The Captain Planet Movie"
> This is not a drill. I am not kidding. It's happening. The buzz is
>that Turner's going ahead with it _despite_ strong protests from his own
>marketing people, simply because _he_ personally likes the Toon so much.
>Sad thing is, when this bombs in the theatres, you can guarantee he will
>blame Toon feature releases in general, rather than his own poor choice
>of project. Sounds like the topic of my next letter to the guy.

"The horror....the horror.... the horror...."

Turner Feature Animation looked to be off to a good start with "Cats
Can't Dance", and now they're trying this?? Watch that the
inevitable failure of this Captain Planet film then ends up killing
Turner Feature Animation. It's something I'd expect.


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