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From: Ed Rudnicki <>
Date: Mon, 8 May 95 15:45:55 EDT

Andy writes:

> I couldn't let this one slide. Newsflash: Mousecorp, somewhat
>disenchanted with the performance of its Afternoon stuff, is considering
>curtailing or dropping out of production of Afternoon programming in
>favour of Direct to Video. Reason? It makes more money. Next, people

Do you have a published source for this? Aladdin and Gargoyles have
done very well indeed. I won't doubt that WD TV Animation is going
to be doing a lot more D2Vs; I just doubt they're giving up on the
DA just yet.

If true, another factor may be the new WB and UPN networks, which
will have their own afternoon program blocks. In NYC we used to have
three indy stations; now they're FOX, UPN, and WB.

>who will get up at 4-friggin-35 a.m. to watch any show definitely fall
>into the "strong fandom" category in my part of the globe. Matthew b.,

Doesn't anybody use a VCR?? :)

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