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Buncha stuff here.

The digest has been configured to send out mail automatically, once a
day. Given the number of posts we've had on here, I think there'll
be something in every digest.

Kevin's movie idea: I like it, tho it's very involved as a premise.
One thing I've been thinking about doing is getting either T-Bone or
Razor (preferably Razor) wounded while in battle. After all, the Turbokat
isn't invincible (it's been destroyed in "Katastrophe" and dinged
substantially, but not destroyed, in "When Strikes Mutilor") and it's
more than possible that either of the SWAT Kats could be injured,
perhaps seriously. This would not only affect Razor physically, but
also affect his fighting edge. As an added "bonus" (and if you wanted
continuity with the series), he'd still have the emotional scar of having
injured civilians (even if it was a setup).

Out of curiosity, has anyone (in their story ideas) thought about having
an incident that'll split up the 'Kats? They've had a few scenes where
the relationship between Chance and Jake does get strained, and the
closest I've seen to the team splitting up has been "Razor's Edge,"
where Razor needs "to be alone... to think [things over]..."

As far as the ages of the Kats go: I'd place both of the Kats somewhere
in their mid-20s. And an interesting twist might be to have Chance be
*younger* than Jake, even tho he's playing the part of the "big brother."
Perhaps Andy can find this out and I can put it in the FAQ... ;-)

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