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On Fri, 05 May 1995 Andy Hill wrote:

> Revised estimate. I would guess they'd been on the Force long
>enough for them and Feral to have created a "history" of sorts,
>say...what, three years? Most cops graduate from the Academy at
about 22

Well, now we're getting back into that discussion that was going on
about how long and how well Feral knew Jake & Chance while they were
Enforcers. And, as I mentioned before (in the other thread), that
IMO, the
guys weren't on the force for a very long period of time before
Feral gave
'em the boot. Even so, we're pretty close on Razor's age at 24/25;
I still think T-Bone is in his mid to late 20s. The older one gets,
the fewer
the risks taken; and T-Bone certainly takes a lot of risks.

Now that I think about it, was there some mention in an ep. about
being life-long friends and growing up together? Hmmm...

>definable reason? T-Bone's just bigger, but he seems more
>experienced somehow. Razor always comes off like "younger
>brother" - look at how

It may be that T-Bone's mentality is just that of the "older
brother" &
just takes charge whenever circumstances dictate. IMO, it is just a
case of the dominant and submissive personalities indicative of

(I promise, this is my last point) Also look at the way Razor seems
to "make fun" of T-Bone for watching "Scaredy Cat" and his other
"youthful" actions while Razor likes the "older" and more cerebral.
Is this an indication of age or personality?
Well, that's my $0.02 worth...

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