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Date: Sun, 7 May 1995 09:07:33 -0700 (PDT)

On Sat, 6 May 1995 wrote:

> I still think T-Bone is in his mid to late 20s. The older one gets,
> the fewer
> the risks taken; and T-Bone certainly takes a lot of risks.

    Eeahhh...I'm 30, and you should hang around me in the summer if you
think this is true - we get up to some "ill-advised" stuff more often
than I care to mention!

> It may be that T-Bone's mentality is just that of the "older
> brother" &
> just takes charge whenever circumstances dictate. IMO, it is just a
> case of the dominant and submissive personalities indicative of
> everyone.

     That's how the characters appear to be written, and it's a central
theme in lots of the cop-buddy movies and the old WWII flicks.

> (I promise, this is my last point) Also look at the way Razor seems
> to "make fun" of T-Bone for watching "Scaredy Cat" and his other
> "youthful" actions while Razor likes the "older" and more cerebral.
> Is this an indication of age or personality?

     This is an indication of personality only. It's sort of a cliche
character device in most shows, but 'KATS gets away with it. T-Bone is
by no means stupid, he just laughs at different things. I haven't seen
the ep yet, just a brief clip on an editing viewer, but T-Bone also
apparently likes comic books ("Kat Commandos" if I caught the title
correctly). I don't know if it's a "dig", but "Scaredy Kat" viewed in
broad terms seems to parody the WPT's to some extent. Razor kind of digs
T-Bone for watching the "mindless" stuff, yet Razor also watches
"Scaredy" on occasion, and Litterbin in both dimensions is often not as
"cerebral" as made out. There's also some old maxim that goes like
"complex minds need simple pleasures", so maybe T-Bone's more complex
than Razor.


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