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Date: Fri, 5 May 1995 21:53:56 -0700 (PDT)

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> Hmmm... I don't know about that... I think I'd place them more
> along the lines of 24 for Razor and around 26 for T-Bone. I'm
> reminded a lot of the age of the pilots from Top Gun & would
> place them in the same age bracket. I will agree with you on
> Feral being in his 40s. After all, he does have a niece that's
> at least as old as the guys..

     Revised estimate. I would guess they'd been on the Force long
enough for them and Feral to have created a "history" of sorts,
say...what, three years? Most cops graduate from the Academy at about 22
or so, which puts Razor at 25, and T-Bone I'll still say closer to 30.
Notice how we all agree Razor is younger than T-Bone, and for no
definable reason? T-Bone's just bigger, but he seems more experienced
somehow. Razor always comes off like "younger brother" - look at how
many times T-Bone physically picks him up out of harms way. I can thing
of three occasions of the top of my head:

        1) "Dark Side of the SwatKats", when he picks up Razor and moves him
just before Evil SwatKats missiles destroy the wall at PumaDyne.

        2) "Bride of the Pastmaster", when T-Bone picks up Razor before
he gets squashed flat by the Cyclops dude ("Don't take this hero stuff
too seriously, buddy...")

        3) "Bride of the Pastmaster" when T-Bone shoots Razor a line to
grab on to before he falls headlong into the canyon. ("Whatever happened
to 'thanks for the backup, buddy...' ?")

    Can't think of any where Razor saves T-Bone from similar
circumstances (hmm..another story idea?).


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