Re: A Short Movie Scene

From: Andy Hill <>
Date: Sun, 23 Apr 1995 22:07:38 -0700 (PDT)

On Sun, 23 Apr 1995, Kevin L. Knoles wrote:

> Here's yet another brief scene I thought up for SWAT Kats: The Movie.

****Yet ANOTHER? If you had others I'd like to see them, this one's great!

> Razor: Uhh...not quite. I picking up some punk stealing a purse from an
> old lady.

> And with that T-Bone flies the Turbokat off to catch the punk. The purse
> snatcher is walking along going through the purse tossing out what he doesn't
> want: a comb, a pair of glasses, some medication, a spare set of dentures.
> Suddenly a giant shadow looms over him and there is a loud roar accompanied by
> a strong blast of warm air. The purse snatcher stops dead in his tracks and
> slowly looks up. His eyes widen, his jaw drops, and his ear starts
> nervously twitching at the sight of the massive and angry black silohette
> hanging overhead. A voice is heard over the loudspeaker.

     Outstanding visualization. Need some light source, not bright, like
some kind of dim streetlight so that the crook can make out the
silhouette and the Kat-guys (as well as the camera) can see the
expression on the dude's face.

> The Purse snatcher blinks two more times and then quickly scampers along
> picking up the discarded items as the shadow follows him. The old lady has
> managed catch up at this point and is now looking upward and smiling. The
> purse snatcher sheepishly hands her the purse and receives a wallop with it
> as soon as he does. There's a bit of laughter from the cockpit. The purse
> snatcher spies a nearby alley and is just starting to take off for it when
> T-Bone intervenes.

     I can picture the old lady they always have to help in their
mechanic jobs.

> Razor: As soon as we got the opportunity, anyhow. But wouldn't ya say
> the look on that kat's face made it all worth it?

     That look does make it all worthwhile, I've nabbed a few creeps myself.

     Anyone actually read mine, or are we all playing "catchup" on 700
e-mail messages like me?


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