Re: Stereotyped, monotyped, poorly typed.

From: Felix Lee <>
Date: Sun, 23 Apr 1995 22:59:22 -0400

Andy Hill:
> > > up-and-comer, who may not be what he/she appears?
> > ok. but how about getting rid of the "not what they appear" gimmick?
> I wasn't referring to someone in disguise or anything, just perhaps
> an up and coming Enforcer with a hidden agenda.

yah, that's what I meant. hidden agendas are easy and somewhat
overused. what happens if you try to avoid that? in real life,
everyone has personal agendas, and everyone knows that everyone has
personal agendas.

say that Felina replaces Feral. I can't see Felina willing to push
aside her uncle, but she'll probably step in if the position's empty.
so Feral has to become unavailable somehow. he could be killed or
MIA, but it's more interesting if he stays nearby. say, he resigns,
or maybe he's suspended due to criminal charges brought against him.

the specific charges are a problem. if the Kats aren't ever charged
for their antics, Feral can probably make the legitimate complaint
that he's being treated unfairly. couple ways of dealing with this.

anyway, the quick-and-easy way of getting "serious" drama is to say
"okay, nobody is a villain" and see where that takes you. doesn't
quite fit the SWAT Kats framework though. no big deal.

> I don't know about anyone else, but when most of my high school
> friends got romantically entangled and married off, that was
> essentially it. Their whole outlook on life, the universe and
> everything became confined to their rec rooms and backyards.

heh. the nesting instinct. preparation for having children. it's
not universal. but I can't think of any counterexamples offhand :)

oh, how about Sonic the Hedgehog and Sally? not married, but likely
to be.

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