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     Got some more cool info that some of you might like. There were a
few script ideas that didn't get produced for various reasons, that were
slated for the third season. Lance Falk wrote them, and here's a couple
of the summaries.

     The first was going to be a sequel to "Chaos in Crystal", with the
Rexx Shard character at a work detail somewhere, being exposed to
something which enabled him to change into kind of a "black hole" entity,
sucking every bit of heat from whatever he targeted. It was set to be
called "Cold War", but evidently was shelved in favour of "Turmoil 2",
one of the three extant scripts that would've made up episode 24.

     Falk created a script called "Blowout", which by his own admission
was not too happy with, and Glenn Leopold eventually took it over and
re-wrote it as "Katastrophe", which he agreed turned out better than his
original idea could have.

     The third idea was "Blackout", which would have started with the
'KAT guys battling villains from the first episode in a holographic
flight simulator - picture this scene with Mook's animation! "Blackout"
was intended as a villain who caused cave-ins at strategic locations
underneath MegaKat City's key power stations, sucking them into the
ground. The villain character was supposed to be a nerdy-type police
scientist who learned the tricks of the supervillain trade by watching
old movie serials - and had access to massive underground base created by
a previous supervillain who was no longer around (I can't say why,
because Lance may use the "twist" involved in a current project unrelated
to the KATS).

     Hanna-Barbera politics, Pt. II.

     Davis Doi was almost universally adored by the people who worked for
him, however, another individual was universally detested by everyone -
and seems to be responsible for a lot of the problems, and possibly had
something to do with the cancellation. Lance forwarded a "SwatKats
Merchandising Guide", which is what is presented to the manufacturers of
the games, action figures etc to give them an idea of what could be
produced. Seems that there was considerable interference from this
individual concerning the merchandising, and Lance's ideas (he wrote a
lot of the copy, and drew many of the concept pictures) ended up being
far better than what eventually got green-lighted! His opinion of the
gentleman in question was not phrased in printable words. I really like
this guy.

     Anyway, I wouldn't mind posting some GIF's from the book, but I
don't have access to a scanner at the moment, and I'm trying to figure
out what kind of trouble I can get in if I don't have all the signatures


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      (Thanks Lance. Some of us got the reference - eventually!)

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