Re: Bad SWAT Kats Technology?

From: Kevin L. Knoles <>
Date: Sat, 22 Apr 1995 01:33:15 -0500 (CDT)

> Funny, but the only bad comments I've ever heard concerning the
> show being "silly", have come in regards to two episodes - "The Wrath of
> Dark Kat", and "The Giant Bacteria" - all because in both instances the
> 'KAT guys used missiles that opened up and sawed their way into solid
> objects. I personally think even the five-year olds laughed at that one,
> but I still liked both those eps. Face it, "cartoon physics" is a
> contradiction in terms, but like Kevin, I like the show enough to be able to
> criticize it on occasion.
> Andy (second season stuff dumped some of the sillier gadgets, no?)
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    Andy, you must be on the net the same time I am: Friday Nite/Saturday
Morning cuz your responce was within minutes of my mailing.
    Anyhow, I forgot all about the "technolgy" you just mentioned. I guess
both of those missles, the Cockpit Cutter and that missles that carved through
solid rock with those tiny blades would count as "bad". But you want to hear
something really anal? SWAT Kats isn't a cartoon! Think about it. The
primary purpose of the show is not to make you laugh, but to thrill you, and
under those criteria, it is not a cartoon. But I guess it does tend to be
rather pointless what you call it as long as you enjoy the show.
    But back to the technology bit. I figure that really little kids will
gawk and smile at just about anything, but to be on the safe side, all the
technolgy on the show should be of the cool, mecha sort found in anime so older
folks like us won't be burying our faces in our palms and blushing at the TV
when we see something out and out stupid (and it *is* a good thing the second
dumped the silly stuff.)
    Oh, and don't you hate it when grappling hooks would wrap around a pole
without even touching it as they did numerous time on TMNT and Batman: TAS.
I sure do!

            Kevin L. Knoles

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