Re: Bad SWAT Kats Technology?

From: Andy Hill <>
Date: Sat, 22 Apr 1995 09:14:22 -0700 (PDT)

On Sat, 22 Apr 1995, Kevin L. Knoles wrote:

> Andy, you must be on the net the same time I am: Friday Nite/Saturday
> Morning cuz your responce was within minutes of my mailing.

     Actually, I was on for hours yesterday, banging in the story manually
because my site won't let me upload files (yet).

> Anyhow, I forgot all about the "technolgy" you just mentioned. I guess
> both of those missles, the Cockpit Cutter and that missles that carved through

     I played this bit back and forth, and I think the weaps panel says

        "Cookie Cutter"

> something really anal? SWAT Kats isn't a cartoon! Think about it. The
> primary purpose of the show is not to make you laugh, but to thrill you, and
> under those criteria, it is not a cartoon. But I guess it does tend to be

     The dividing line between "cartoon" and "animated series" begins to
blur a little when you view the last few years. Avery's statement "the
only...cartoons are funny ones..." kind of died with the forties.

> when we see something out and out stupid (and it *is* a good thing the second
> dumped the silly stuff.)

     I don't speak "marketing" very well, it's too much at odds with why
I like the characters and the show. SWATKATS is aimed at the 6-11
audience demographic, and to be perfectly honest, no one was shocked more
than H-B to discover they had a considerable crossover viewership (15
through adult). I'm guessing here, but I would guess that's why Mook was
renewed as the animation "co-producer", rather than the Hanho split
reflected in the first season. The Tremblays contributed a lot of story
material to the second season as well, and I think they convinced the
Turner people that the mean age of the audience was somewhat higher than
what they'd initially figured - which explains some of the more mature
themes in the second season stuff. As far as anime-type gadgetry and
weapons, hmm. "Robotech" (not off-top, Dana :>) when it was on was a
great show with quality animation, but it didn't grab the 6-11's enough
to suit the toy/marketing people. This concerned Turner, who made sure
that the writers stuck to writing for the 6-11 age group. Anime stuff
also tends to be very realistic, and that isn't acceptable any more in
the era of so many broadcast restrictions in the kids market - another
reason for some of the more outrageous gadgetry - it's designed to
capture the foe rather than destroying him.

     Anyway, the whole target market/timeslot thing is about to land in a
tar pit, producers of animation are realizing that stuff like SWATKATS
appeals to a huge audience outside the 6-11's, and even if the show gets
pulled off the air, lessons learned the hard way by people like Turner
will pave the way for other shows like it. It's just too bad the 'KAT
guys have to pay the bill.


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