Re: Bad SWAT Kats Technology?

From: Andy Hill <>
Date: Fri, 21 Apr 1995 23:12:58 -0700 (PDT)

     I haven't seen the ep in question, but similar stuff in the eps I've
seen kind of grated a bit when I saw how far the laws of physics were
stretched, though I wasn't bothered to the extreme that Kevin was. I
think the point is that the show could be made more along the lines of
BTAS, where the weaponry is fairly realistic, and the show has a more
"mature" feel. I'd love to see this type of thing applied to a KATS
movie (should the Tremblays get the cash), but I'm not sure you could do
it to the TV show now, without a negative impact on some of the younger
viewers. Listen to some of the "I like it because..." comments that
voice-over the credits at the end, a lot of them say things like "it's
cool when they..." etc, these are the people that like the way out
gadgetry, and are also the people such stuff is written in for.

     The only two things that bother me about 'KATS is the occasional
lack of consideration for the "conservation of mass" rule, when a missile
contains more hidden stuff than can be reasonably contained by its
exterior casing, and when the TurboKat appears to have enough room for
too much in the way of wheeled gear like the "SandKat". It's similar to
how irritating it was when the Transformers weaponry doubled in size,
simply because it was no longer attached as a functional part of their
bodies. Funny, but the only bad comments I've ever heard concerning the
show being "silly", have come in regards to two episodes - "The Wrath of
Dark Kat", and "The Giant Bacteria" - all because in both instances the
'KAT guys used missiles that opened up and sawed their way into solid
objects. I personally think even the five-year olds laughed at that one,
but I still liked both those eps. Face it, "cartoon physics" is a
contradiction in terms, but like Kevin, I like the show enough to be able to
criticize it on occasion.

Andy (second season stuff dumped some of the sillier gadgets, no?)

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