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-Dr. C(K?)onway: In ["Mutation City", Dr. Konway] is a rather wimpy,
- skinny little biologist. I, myself, am a rather wimpy,
- skinny little chemist (ask Dana!). So they were close.
-Well, not exactly. Konway turned out to be a very old, fat biochemist
-(employed at Megakat Biochemical) and voiced by none other than Jim

Bah! The original concept showed him being old and fat (like me), but
the actual character looked decidedly more slender. And not at all as
gruff. I was expecting a sort of feline Ernest Borgnine, but got instead
more like a feline Woody Allen.

-How about sending the letter and the text of the response from the
-Tremblays over to the list? <grin>

OK, OK, you've convinced me. Let me dig it up.

-I have the GIF (I just checked and yes, I still have it) that I can
-send over to the list as well.


Samuel Conway, Ph.D.
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