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From: sri <>
Date: Mon, 17 Apr 1995 23:03:36 -0600

>I know the _Kats_ list is still growing, but I thought I'd try this anyway.
>I'm taking a poll of the list to get a feel for its demographics:
>(1) Gender (male/female)


>(2) Age (optional)


>(3) Occupation (like what do you do for a living? ;-)
> - if student, grade or college status


>(4) City and State (province or country) of residence

        Ineanola PA USA

>(5) Number of people in your household (include yourself)


>(6) - How many people of your household (again, include yourself) watch:
> (a) cartoons in general?


> (b) SWAT Kats?


>(7) Any other interests or hobbies (sports, etc)?


>(8) What other mailing lists are you on? (I recognize a few subscribers as
> being on at least one other mailing list that I'm on.)


>(9) Anything else that I forgot in this survey?
>Please email replies *directly* to me, not to the list (I don't want the
>list being flooded with replies). I'll compile the responses and send the
>results to the list.
>Participation in the survey is, of course, voluntary.

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