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From: Dana Uehara <duehara_at_cisk.atmos.Ucla.EDU>
Date: Mon, 17 Apr 95 2:10:45 PDT

I can see the list is nothing if not prolific. I'm also wondering if
it's time to start up an FAQ file (for those of you who don't know what
the acronym means, FAQ stands for Frequently Asked Questions).

In any event, I've got a few comments on some listmail:

Matmilan: I think H-B is getting the impression that if they send phony
           letters that people will be happy.
Tim: I don't think they think that. It's nice whenever a company
      sends _anything_ back when they get fan mail. If they send out
      form letters, it probably means they're getting a _lot_ of mail.
      And I think that's a good thing for us SWAT KATS fans, no? :)

What's funny about this is that when I sent out my original letter to
the show, I was wondering what the response would be (this was somewhere
in the summer of 1994 or so, after the first seasons' set of episodes
had aired). Would I receive a response at all? Would it be a form
letter? What exactly would the letter contain? And so on...

Well, as it turned out I received the exact same letter that Andy said
he received, but I was glad they at least acknowledged having received
my letter. The other neat thing is that they seemed to listen to at
least part of what I wrote. I had asked for a cast list of the show
(being on two different mailing lists, and possibly a third? ;-) I've
become an avid voice credit watcher) and while I didn't receive any in
the mail, I *was* pleasantly surprised to see a cast list of all of the
voices for each of the second season episodes. (Finding out that Charlie
Adler voices T-Bone, for example, nearly floored me.)

Dr. C(K?)onway: In ["Mutation City", Dr. Konway] is a rather wimpy,
                 skinny little biologist. I, myself, am a rather wimpy,
                 skinny little chemist (ask Dana!). So they were close.

Well, not exactly. Konway turned out to be a very old, fat biochemist
(employed at Megakat Biochemical) and voiced by none other than Jim

                 The text of the letter that I sent to them, as well as
                 the reply from the Tremblays, is available on request;
                 I think I might also have a GIF of the "Dr. Konway"
                 sketch around as well.

How about sending the letter and the text of the response from the
Tremblays over to the list? <grin>

I have the GIF (I just checked and yes, I still have it) that I can
send over to the list as well.

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