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From: Dana Uehara <duehara_at_cisk.atmos.Ucla.EDU>
Date: Thu, 13 Apr 95 20:52:28 PDT

August Yang writes:
> > Just caught "Razor's Edge", although scrambled due to Pay-TV, I could see
> > it plainly enough.
> WHAT?!?!? AUGH!! That was a title of one of my fanfic ideas! Not only
> that, but there's a SWAT Kats episode out there that I seem to have missed!
> When was it on and when (and where) do you think I could catch it? (Plot
> synopsis wouldn't hurt either...)

"Razor's Edge" was on just this past weekend. Here's a brief synopsis
(no spoilers):

While in pursuit of Dark Kat, Razor fires two octopus missiles, which miss
Dark Kat and hit an abandoned warehouse. The warehouse explodes, and in
the ensuing confusion Dark Kat manages to escape. However, two innocent
civilians get hurt, leaving Razor very shaken and upset. In their next
meeting with Dark Kat, this almost gets deadly, as Dark Kat uses Razor's
loss of self-confidence to nearly destroy the Turbokat.

Does Razor get his confidence back? That's the rest of the episode, but
I won't go into details (otherwise it'll spoil the episode for those who
haven't seen it).

> SWAT Kats, I'll give you but TMNT? I was a fan of the Eastman and Laird
> comic book, but when I saw the "kiddified" version on the TV I nearly gagged.
> Ah well, I'm more into the idea of "hero-furries" anyway.

Check out this season's TMNT (and I mean the actual 1994 episodes, not
other episodes with the 1994 opening credits). There's no mention of
pizza, and the foursome have really grown up.

But perhaps Barry Gordon's better suited to voice an anthrofeline than
an anthropomorphic turtle. ;-)

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