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From: Andy Hill <>
Date: Thu, 13 Apr 1995 06:49:29 -0700 (PDT)

On Wed, 12 Apr 1995, August Yang wrote:

> > Many people at My school say X-men can beat the Swat Kats any day..
> In terms of what? Writing? They don't have any decent writers and they
> try to cram too much into a single episode with two minutes of character
> development and twenty of flash and mutant angst. I get enough of that
> in the comics which are better written anyway.

     August Yang has nailed it in a single sentence. You can't have any
kind of character development if the protagonists are bulletproof like
the X-Men, instead of any kind of real emotion-driven character
interaction, all you get is attitude being slung all over the place
randomly. It's tiring, it's boring, and its increasingly prevalent in ac/adv.
Just caught "Razor's Edge", although scrambled due to Pay-TV, I could see
it plainly enough. I've seen similar plots attempted on other shows, but
you get to see so much of Razor's character revealed here, something that
must have been quite the argument with the producers when it was tossed
around at the development stage - most of those people subscribe to the
Marvel definition of hero characters: " they have to be invincible and they
always have to win".

> In term of raw power? (i.e. If the SWAT Kats fought the X-men, Ho'od Win?)
> This is a case of "my superhero can beat up your superhero" which I would
> like to think we're above that.

     The appreciation for the show/characters can either be expressed in
terms like a lot of us do, or in terms like the guy above. I don't think
that one is more valid than the other - it just represents a different
perspective in regards to environment.

> > But i don't qutie belive that.
> Good for you! I feel that the SWAT Kats are more interesting and
> inspiring than the X-men anyway. Speaking of which, I've been kicking
> ideas around for some fanfic, but I want to know if I ever finish it and
> want to put it on the mailing-list should I post a warning? I don't know
> if anyone from H-B reads this group, and if they do I'd like to avoid
> legal hassles.
> August Paul Yang thinks there are too many lawyers in the creative process

     August Paul Yang is correct, lawyers run everything in Hollywood.
"Inspiring"? In the last few years for action-adventure, TMNT and
SWATKATS have done more to revolutionize the "hero-toon" thing than even
most Hollywood execs have realized. I hope their "wake-up" call comes
quickly enough to get 'KATS rolling again.

     Fanfic? I've been following similar concerns regarding Animaniacs
fanfiction, and the deal is that you can write whatever you want in terms
of fan-related stuff, as long as you don't make money off of it. Watch
the explicit stuff if you're into that either on GIF's or text - without
an appropriate forewarning. H-B employees (to my knowledge) aren't on
the group as of yet - and any that are likely to join in the next little
while wouldn't mind fanfic one bit. I've even got a fairly good script
idea I might turn into a story if I get a minute!


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