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From: August Yang <>
Date: Wed, 12 Apr 1995 23:04:34 -0400 (EDT)

> Many people at My school say X-men can beat the Swat Kats any day..
In terms of what? Writing? They don't have any decent writers and they
try to cram too much into a single episode with two minutes of character
development and twenty of flash and mutant angst. I get enough of that
in the comics which are better written anyway.

In term of raw power? (i.e. If the SWAT Kats fought the X-men, Ho'od Win?)
This is a case of "my superhero can beat up your superhero" which I would
like to think we're above that.

> But i don't qutie belive that.
Good for you! I feel that the SWAT Kats are more interesting and
inspiring than the X-men anyway. Speaking of which, I've been kicking
ideas around for some fanfic, but I want to know if I ever finish it and
want to put it on the mailing-list should I post a warning? I don't know
if anyone from H-B reads this group, and if they do I'd like to avoid
legal hassles.

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