"Whatever happened to 'Thanks for the Backup"

From: Andy Hill <chance_at_unix.infoserve.net>
Date: Wed, 12 Apr 1995 06:58:05 -0700 (PDT)

I noticed some of the list dwellers have been posting stuff to
rec.arts.animation lately - good job guys.

I'm going to call Hanna-Barbera to find out who this Turner guy is that's
reading the list - but I've heard that some "others" in their marketing
org are also reading.

Can I ask a favour? I posted a "challenge" to the Turner group on r.a.a.
to make some kind of public statement regarding the 'KATS cancellation.
If anyone feels inclined, and I won't be put out if no one does, could
you post a couple of followups saying something like "yeah, how 'bout it?".
Marketing people understand numbers, if they see more than one it gets
their attention.

I'm still trying to substantiate an e-mail I got that formed the basis of
that post - but it sounds for real. I won't go into it now in case it's
bull. Lastly, I copied off the articles concerning the SWATKATS and
forwarded them to the Tremblay brothers, and they'll also go to
Hanna-Barbera. I won't do the same for list stuff unless I get
permission from the authors, as this isn't really a public group like
r.a.a. is.

There's going to be a few more JPEGS and GIF's available in the next
couple of days for the KATS, I'll let you know when they make it through
all the digitizing hoops.


        "They say a smile, will do the trick....
         with a little charm, laid on thick;
         but listen folks, forget those strokes -
         'cause 'KATS always gets the short end of the stick!"
         (Rita - Animaniacs "Icebreakers" AN148)

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