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I just revised the introductory message that people get when subscribing to
the list (send email to 'majordomo_at_lists.mv.net' with the line 'info kats'
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Andy Hill writes:
> Out of the four, T-Bone and Razor are the best - they've got some
>"extra stuff" on their flight-harnesses, but are otherwise good
>likenesses of what's seen on the show. Dr. Viper is also quite good,
>although he's been made without his lab-coat, and DarkKat, though good,
>doesn't much resemble the TV version - although all the action
>figures/artwork has been approved by H-B and the Tremblay bros.

I'm definitely looking forward to this stuff when it comes out. The only
thing I can guess that would be the "extra" stuff that T-Bone and Razor
have on their flight harnesses would be jet packs (which they actually used
at least once -- the episode "Caverns of Horror" springs to mind).

Viper *without* a lab coat? That'd make him naked, wouldn't it? <snicker>

> A friend has conducted an interview with John Zuker, the guy pretty
> much responsible for the music in the show, and he explains where the
>inspiration for the Queen/Heavy Metal sound came from.

I've been told that the music sounds like it's all synth material. Even if
it is, it still sounds pretty awesome in stereo (I've been spoiled by
stereo ;-).

Also, while I still remember... for anyone on this list who's interested
in joining a SWAT Kats fan club, please email me (or, preferably, Walt
Koziol, another Kats list member, email: wkoziol_at_delphi.com) with your
snail mail address. Let's make this club a reality!

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