Re: Kat stuff

From: Artur T. Hara <>
Date: Sat, 27 Apr 1996 22:58:27 -0200

Hi Razor,
> Artur: A curiosity, anywho is a MacKat?I thought in a Kat fan that use and aprecciate Macs.
> Razor guiltily (?!) raises a hand. I use a PowerBook 180c, but I'm hoping
> to get a PC-based machine running Windoze when I get a job.
 Really doze, but sometimes the better(Apple) don't win...
 I wait that the new strategies aid the fruit to take root,
 because the Apple sprouted many time ago.
 Unfortunately, the better marketing(MS) is winninig...
 ...temporaly, I think.
 Kats regards,
 Artur T. Hara
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