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From: Andy Hill <>
Date: Wed, 12 Apr 1995 07:05:40 -0700 (PDT)

For the benefit of list memebers, here's what I sent to Margaret Loesch
upon the suggestion of an industry type.

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Date: Mon, 3 Apr 1995 08:22:12 -0700 (PDT)
From: Andy Hill <>
Subject: For Fox Kids Network:Margaret Loesch

Ms. Margaret Loesch April 2, 1995
President, Fox Children's Network

Dear Margaret,

     After reading your comments over the years regarding Kids
programming, it appears we think much along the same lines regarding
quality animation, and the importance of not underestimating the
audience. The Fox lineup for strip programs and Sat-AM weekly's just
gets better and better, and you've just about single-handedly created the
crossover viewership for programs like Animaniacs, The Tick, and BTAS -
all of which represent respect for the level of intelligence of your

     Fox seems to seize opportunities when they're recognized - so here's
one you may have missed. Hanna-Barbera has created an excellent cartoon
called "SWATKATS: The Radical Squadron" - they have 23 episodes ready to
air and a further three have already had voice tracks laid down and
'boards done. Turner phoned in the cancellation order to H-B in the
middle of the second season's 13 eps, and evidently plans to yank it off
TBS shortly. The merchandising agreements/production are all in place
for action figures, a SuperNintendo video game, and home video releases;
all of which are timed for a July release to Toys 'R' Us and Target.
I've talked with some industry people, legions of fans, and the
individuals responsible for creating the program - which is why you're
reading this. Turner's already done all the work for you, the show has
good numbers, and if someone like Fox gives is a stable Sat-AM timeslot
it will take off. You have your own sources - I'd expect no less for a
"Cartoon Lady" - but Turner's attitude toward the program has nothing to
do with business reasoning, and I can't say how I know that.

     From what I've seen, this fall is shaping up to be pretty weak in
the action-adventure end of things, and if you can gamble with
"StreetSharks", you can bet you won't regret snapping up SWATKATS. FYI,
I'm not "getting anything out of this" other than doing what I can to
help out all the people Turner has no regard for - most of whom already
watch Fox Kids lineup for the same reasons they watch SWATKATS. I don't
know if it was shopped around at NATPE, but if you want any more info
without making your interest public through "official" channels - I can
put you in touch with the creators, and stacks of fan mail.

Thanks from a fellow animation fan, who also recognizes quality product.

Andy Hill

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******************** Dear Ted Turner: *********************************
:"You know, cancelling SWATKATS after advertising new eps shows us that
  the shoes of Messrs. Hanna and Barbera have been unoccupied far too long"
: <TT> "Why's that?"
:"...someone in the organization has developed 'cold feet' ".

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