Re: Salome CD-SOLD! (?)

From: Dan <>
Date: Fri, 12 Apr 1996 15:40:03 -0700

At 05:05 PM 4/12/96 -0400, you wrote:
>At 12:04 PM 4/11/96 -0700, you wrote:
>>> Chris: I'm rather sorry to hear that nobody seems to be taking any serious
>>> action towards buying your cd's. I myself am somewhat of a collector
>>> of U2 cd's and, well, just about anything else with U2's name on it.
>>> Now, the point of my letter, has luck would have it, you've caught me
>>> at a reall BAD time. However I will try to make it worth you're
>>> while. You're asking for $58 (no?), I am very willing to offer you
>>> $75 (and no, I am NOT joking.) Here's the bad part, I'll need you
>>> to wait about 1 month before I can send you the money. So I quess
>>> what I'm saying is, if you can do this favor for me, I'll give you
>>> more than the asking price. Just try to imagine your cd with a sign
>>> that says "sold" on it, then think about that $75.
>>> Please let me know what you decide so I know whether or not to stop
>>> bugging you! e-mail is at <>. Thank's for
>>> taking the time to consider my offer! Hope to hear from you!
>>Okay, $75 sounds good to me. I'll hold onto the disc for you. Let
>>me know when you will be able to send a check.
> Now I had no intesion in getting involved in this, but whoever typed
>that, THATS MY E-MAIL ADDRESS ( -yeah I know, I
>gota get around to changeing it)! How did my E-mail name get into this?
> Jaybird
        What the? Hey! This is a Sonic LIST! If you guys want to chat,
chat outside the list! I don't mean to be rude, but you are writing to over
a hundred people! Next time, be careful where you send your letters.
PLEASE! By the way, I did not write any of the above stuff and am not
involved in this.

        -Chris F.

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