Re: speed

From: The Necromancer <>
Date: Sun, 7 Apr 1996 20:39:51 -0230

> Hi,
> Someone said that Sonic with a power ring goes 1000 mph. Well then,
>if Sonic had the Deep Power Stones.... Let's see, the Power Stones are
>10,000 times power rings, that would make Sonic travel at 10,000,000 mph.,
>now THAT'S fast.
> -Chris
> A net Robuttnik (and Snively) Kicker for Mobius

Eek. Wouldn't his flesh and skin rip off at that speed? Eyeballs shoot into
the back of his head? Spines shoot into the air, impaling people behind him?

Ugh, I can see that I just painted some pretty pictures. Sorry.

The Necromancer


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