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From: Paul Lapensee <>
Date: Sun, 7 Apr 96 23:09 EDT

>-> From: Dan <>
>-> To:!sonic
>-> Date: Sun, 7 Apr 1996 15:02:02 -0700
>-> Subject: speed
>-> Hi,
>-> Someone said that Sonic with a power ring goes 1000 mph. Well then,
>-> if Sonic had the Deep Power Stones.... Let's see, the Power Stones
>-> are 10,000 times power rings, that would make Sonic travel at
>-> 10,000,000 mph., now THAT'S fast.
>-> -Chris
>-> A net Robuttnik (and Snively) Kicker for Mobius
> And still NOWHERE in the league of the Red Guy (I.E. The Flash),
>since that's roughly about 3000 miles per second, and the Flasheroo has
>been known to approach lightspeed-- which, as we all know from Grade
>School Physics, is 186,000 MPS. Fast, yeah, but not up to yer spandex
I don't think Sonic has a limt when he is using the power ring.
It's just depends how much he needs and how much he can handle.
There was a story writen some temperal syndom that uses this idea.
In the end he died from over use.

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